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We are NOAH

Is it an island? Is it a yard in Latin America? Or is it an all-day venue in the center of Athens, that is a hallmark of the Greek capital?! Serving coffee and brunch from the early hours of the morning, lunch, and high-end dinner was created by Helen Saradis and Ilektra Rigkou. Tasteful cocktails are created by Vasilis Nikitas, while music is a wide selection of world, electronica, and house music.


Noah’s new menu blends colorfully ethnic, Indian and Latin American cuisine. Breakfast and lunch have a fruitful palette that serves the early birds, while dinner is a gastronomic fusion of modern tastes, specially designed for plate sharing amongst friends.



Noah is not only the place. It’s the vibe. And the vibe is not only created by the sweet summer breeze but mostly by the group of people that work there. A team that has been working together since day 1, with its ups and downs, but mostly with its character and its lively mood, and sets the tone for the whole place to be alive.

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This season, Noah serves drinks inspired from all over the world. Tastes that remind you of summer, with strong elements from fruit, spices, and fresh herbs, flavored from Greece, Asia, and South America. 2022 is a year we’ve implemented new techniques: clarification, homemade bubbles, and fermentation, with a focus on no alcohol cocktails.

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